Rhubarb Rice Porridge Recipe

We live in our kitchens. Primarily because it's a full-time job to feed our growing children, but also because we both love to cook and bake. Since we are friends and neighbors its normal for treats and recipes to get exchanged across our lawns--usually by little hands tasked with the errand. We bake and test so many recipes we thought it would be fun to share some of our Finnish favorites. 

Raparperi riisipuuro, rhubarb rice porridge, is a refreshing twist on the classic Finnish rice porridge recipe. Rhubarb is celebrated in Finnish cuisine offering versatile use in sweet or savory dishes. This porridge is a bright addition to your breakfast table, but is equally lovely as an early summer dessert. Hyvää ruokahalua!

Pieces of cut rhubarb.     Rhubarb and rice boiling.      Rhubarb rice porridge with milk served in a red bowl.

Anna also shares her recipes as part of a community program from Portage Lake District Library in Houghton, MI.

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