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Free shipping in the contiguous USA on orders over $50.
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Three rectangular magnets layered on top of each other. Pannukakku, nisu and kesä (summer).
2021 purple Kehvola kitchen calendar cover with September and October open. September's image is a purple cabbage and beets on a dark green background. October's image is a rectangular blueberry pie on a pink background.
Gift Cards
Rainbow rag rug cutting board with pink and metal knife with cut strawberries. Next to two white bowls one with red strawberries and one with sweet red cherries.
Two old ladies hula hooping down a staircase. One in a teal and pink floral dress with green hula hoop and the other in a orange floral dress with a yellow hula hoop.
Kehvola Design
Swedish dishcloth with red strawberries design placed on a cutting board with cut fresh red strawberries.
Spira of Sweden
Spring & Garden
White towel with red berries and yellow green leaves all over it. More Joy logo in corner.
xmatic | studio 13