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Come to Finland

Come to Finland Memory Game

Come to Finland Memory Game

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Turn over tiles and try to find as many pairs as you can! Memory game is a classic and fun games for all ages. And with stylish travel posters from Finland it’s even more fun! This is also a great gift for everyone who loves Finland.

The memory game includes vintage travel posters by Rolf Christianson, Väinö Blomstedt, Ingrid Bade x 2, Gunnar Forsström, Göran Englund & Paul Söderström, Jorma Suhonen x 2 and Erik Bruun.
The game includes modern travel posters by Beth Chesser, Emma Chudoba, Vombatcombat x 2, Tintin Rosvik, Amelia Hillebrant, Chen Yu, Pekka Kurki, Jenni Hänninen, Marika Maijala, Mareike Mosch, Sofie Öhland and Albert Pinilla.

Contents: 48 memo tiles and rules. Made in Finland and manufactured by Tactic.

Package size about 6.5" x 6.5" (16cm x 16 cm)

Card size about 2.36" x 2.36" (6cm x 6cm)

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